Hawai'i Simply Natural

Downtown Honoka’a’s oldest Restaurant at 26 years and counting, Mahalo to you folks



Simply Natural Hawai’i restaurant is downtown Honoka’a’s oldest eatery at 26 years and counting serving Breakfast and Lunch all day. Sorry in advance if we went to da beach that day

We Cater private events and offer Private Chef as well.

Simply Natural is famous for our Taro Waffles

&, our

Spicy Turkey Melt, which is flavorful not spicy hot.

We serve:

*Fresh Carrot Juice

*Real Fruit Smoothies including all kinds of add-in options

*Hawaiian made Ice Cream

Fresh Fish of the Day Sandwich, Salad, Soup.

*Bacon *Gluten-free pork with chicken sausage

*Organic Deli-Turkey

*#thebest Acai Bowls

*Fresh Fish is very popular

*Several Gluten-free options are available

*Vegan dishes(easy kind, not complicated);

-something to please everyone

*Breakfast Burritos

*Saimin Soup Bowl Delux is very popular with the locals and visitors alike

*Fresh Salad Plates with our Famous Homemade Dressing

Easy to find on Honoka’a town’s front street, near the four-way stop, Waipi’o Valley, Hawai’i Island’s second most visited site is nearby.

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Waipi’o Valley a.k.a. Glacier made valley(s) of the Pacific.

Occupied by mana’hune hundreds of years prior to Tahitians colonizing the islands. A temple dates 500 years before the invasion of 1200ad in Waipi’o Valley. Let’s Talk Story -Aloha for more interesting true stories being born and raised in Hawai’i.

Get a copy of that true story here or be lucky to find one in your favorite book store because, not even I can get a discount for that book.

Pick up your take-out a classic Turkey Sandwich, From Hawai’i simply natural on your next Hawaiian adventure down into Waipi’o Valley, Hawai’i County’s second most popular destination!

Aloha is a 2-Way Street! You heard it here first. It’s a relationship between people not a bottled product anyone is entitled to when you arrive on any airlines. Be responsible and Spread Aloha. We have feelings too. We aren’t robots. Please be nice and kind to us.

We’re doing the best we can to please each and every one of you knowing that we just will never be able to attain that goal. Please work with us to provide you the best service possible in our little historic shop by understanding when we say that we can’t fulfill your desire it’s not personal, it’s small business in our sugar town far from Waikiki. If you’re nice then maybe we’ll tell you about some secret spots.

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Honoka’a Boy Movie Premier Party hosted by yours truly

Notice the homemade accents of palaka plaid on the wall behind us. Follow the link below to read about it.


Sandwich Platter for University of Hawai’i outreach campus meeting


Charcuterie Meats, Cheese, Olive and Pasta Skewers


Charcuterie Board for a local salsa dance showcase at the historic downtown theater

Give us a call for your event.

Just call me because i’ve done all kinds of events and am happy to talk story about yours today. contact located on page.

I also make pie special order. Give me 24 ours.

I also make pie special order. Give me 24 ours.


Private Lunch platter example

Platter private buffet lunch plate for Hawai’i Bureau of Tourism. Looks good right! Click the Button to see us displayed on the main page of Hawai’i Island Big Island visitor’s bureau and sign up for a Free Visitor’s Expert Planning guide. Mahalo for your support.

Special events is normal for us. Me Ke Aloha

Special events is normal for us. Me Ke Aloha


Assorted platters for most occasions.

Just let us know what you’re interested in. We do all kinds.

#hawaiisimplynaturalrestaurant #alohaisatwowaystreet you heard it here first

Private Chef services available as well. We go down to the resort areas and cater your dinner, show your guests a touch of Hawai’i with fresh food cooked with true Aloha.

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Mahalo to Aloha Street Hawai’i for the honor.